Model Photography

If you are a model and need professional photos for your portfolio, TAC offers a high-quality, low-cost photo package to fit everyone’s pocketbook.

With decades of photography experience, TAC offers a complete photographic services solution including a large new studio, high-quality digital SLR photography and photo-quality prints.

Our 3,000 sq. ft studio has 18′ ceilings and is equipped with Large Hazylite and Calumet strobe softboxes to provide smooth wraparound lighting which results in soft shadows, deep color saturation and even highlights.


Model Photos


Digital Photography

Our digital system allows on-screen previewing to aid in finding the right look. Proof prints or online web-proofs are provided for model review.


Photo Software


Digital Touchup

Selected images are digitally touched-up, removing skin blemishes or other imperfections.

Your final images can then be output as high-quality photo prints.


Photo Touchup



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TAC Model Photo Package Includes:

  • In-Studio/On-Location Photography
  • 25+ Final Shots (saved from digital previews)
  • Seamless Paper Background or Cloth Muslin
  • Review proofs online or in our studio
  • Digital Touchup – Remove Skin Blemishes – on two favorite images
  • (2) 8×10 Color Prints or Multi-Prints (one pose per print)

Total Package Price Only $229.00
(including prints)

Download PDF flyer: PDF PDF, 512 k

Also Available (call for pricing):
Makeup Assistance by Apt.
Video Shoots (Broadcast Quality)
On-Location Photography

All Photography by Clark Solomon

Multi-Print Photo Sheet
(one print with multiple images of same photo)



(2) 5×7   (2) 4×5 & (2) 2.5×3.5 & (4) 2×2.5
(1) 5×7 & (4) 2.5×3.5   (2) 4×5 & (8) 2×2.5
(1) 5×7 & (2) 2.5×3.5 & (2) 2×2.5   (8) 2.5×3.5
(1) 5×7 & (8) 2×2.5   (4) 2.5×3.5 & (8) 2×2.5
(4) 4×5   (16) 2×2.5
(2) 4×5 & (4) 2.5×3.5   (1) 8×10


TAC also books models for our clients’ photo and video shoots. See the Models for Photography page for more info.


If you are a model and are interested in modeling for photo shoots or photography for your portfolio, please submit a TAC Model Application.